• What is Spy Dialer?

    It is a safe reverse lookup web-based service that you can use to check people’s information. Are you getting calls from unknown numbers, or want to know more about your suspects? Spy Dialer will help you know more about them.

    You can use it to check the phone numbers, physical addresses emails, and more information about the unknown persons. Visit ‘How it Works’ tab in the navigation above to see how you can use it.

  • Where does Spy Dialer get the information after I feed in the inputs?

    All the information you get from the results is collected using legal means. Spy Dialer uses public data from available sources such as social media and user-contributed address books.

    That way, you get more information more than what you would find in phone book directories or yellow pages.

  • What can I do if I don’t want my information in Spy Dialer database?

    It’s possible to delete your personal information from Spy Dialer. Use the My Info page to remove it. It’s fast and secure to do it. Once removed, the data will not be available to anyone else using Spy Dialer if they search your details.

  • Can I change my information if it’s not correct?

    Sorry, you cannot change or edit your information after Spy Dialer reveals it. If you are not contented with what you see, it’s much better to remove it for now. Future updates will, however, include this feature.

  • Is sharing my contact information legal?

    From the US Supreme Court ruling, it is legal to re-publish public data.

  • If someone spy dials my phone, can I use Spy Dialer to know who it was?

    No, you can’t. Spy Dialer is a safe service that does not provide information about registered users. Sorry, we don’t have such information for you.

  • After checking details about the person I’m looking for, Spy Dialer does not reveal their phone details. I know that they have a phone, so what’s wrong?

    Spy Dialer gets the information from public records. Depending on what we get, some documents do not have phone numbers. If the system checks and finds nothing related to a phone number, it will just show what is available.

  • I tested the Spy Dialer service using details that I know about, but I got a ‘NO RECORD’ response. Why?

    This is a private website that is continually updating the available public data. We, therefore, don’t have everything that you may be looking for. On the other hand, we always do our best to give you what’s available.


    It's impossible for a private website to have all information about all people and businesses. We do the best we can!

  • Is this website limited to US users only?

    Yes, the Spy Dialer service is only available for US residents only.

  • Why I’m I not seeing the full address or phone number?

    Most people don’t like it when their information is readily available on such a website. It also may be incomplete since that is what we get from the public records. Even when we get the full address and phone number, we will not show everything to you.

    If you need to know more about the person you are searching for, then use the People Search option.

  • Is Spy Dialer Anonymous? Will the targeted person know that I searched their info?

    Anything you want to look up using Spy Dialer is anonymously given to you. There is only one exception when using the Voicemail lookup option. It leaves a missed call on the target’s phone.

    If they happen to call the number, it plays a short message saying that you have just been spy dialed. However, they will not know who did it, which means you will be safe on the other end after spying.

  • I know a number on the national Do-Not-Call registry. Can I spy dial it?

    Yes, you can spy dial the number using the Voicemail lookup. The Do-Not-Call registry rules apply only on regulating unwanted commercial messages. They, therefore, do not affect spy dialing.

  • I once tried the voicemail lookup on Spy dialer, and it did not work. Why is that?

    Spy Dialer’s voicemail lookup is a reliable feature, but it doesn’t work all the time. There are many reasons why the voicemail call did not go through. The number could be disconnected, not working, busy calling another number or maybe forwarding the calls to another line.

  • Can I use Spy Dialer to listen to voicemail messages from another number?

    No, you cannot use Spy Dialer to listen to someone’s voice messages. That is an illegal thing to do. What you get is the outbound voicemail message of the number only. This means that you will hear what one receives when a number goes to voicemail.

  • Can I use Spy Dialer to search for landlines?

    Out lookup service only works with US based cell phone numbers, VOIP or landline. For the voicemail lookup, it only works with cell phones operating within the country.

    If a number was initially landline-based before being ‘ported’ to the mobile service, then the voicemail will not work here. The best thing is that most people use cell phones now. The few excluded numbers, in this case, are a tiny percentage.

  • If I am a web developer, can I get access to your data?

    You can contact us via our contact page for connections and data licensing. We, however, do not offer API information.

    If you have any more questions about Spy Dialer, do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact page. We will be happy to hear from you and clear out any misguiding about our reverse lookup service.